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Lost trucker hauling “missile-like” load launches White House panic


A confused truck driver hauling a load that appeared to be a missile had Washington authorities on high alert when he strayed too close to the White House yesterday.

The incident happened around 8 p.m. last night when police spotted a flatbed truck hauling an item that was described as a missile on 15th Street near the White House.

Secret Service agents pulled the truck over on 15th and H streets NW after receiving an alert from police that “There’s a missile driving up 15th Street.”

After agents questioned the truck driver, they learned that he was actually hauling a fuel tank for a jet to a location outside of the Washington area and had come close to the White House as a result of a GPS error, according to CNN. After authorities confirmed the driver’s story, they escorted him away from the White House.

Authorities have confirmed that the truck was hauling military equipment, but the final destination for the fuel tank isn’t clear.

Earlier on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about new missile technology that would render NATO defenses useless.

A Secret Service spokeswoman described the incident as a “routine stop. Nothing significant.”





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