Massachusetts troopers ask “what could go wrong?” with this ridiculous unsecured load

Yup, that's a ticket.

Earlier today, Massachusetts State Police, pulled over driver who appeared to be trying to transport half of an elementary school in his pickup truck.

From the Massachusetts State Police:

And then this happened….. “What Could Go Wrong – Part 2”

This afternoon, Trooper Joel Daoust happened upon this vehicle on I-91 in Springfield for…….well, let’s leave that to the obvious.

The driver was cited for violating Mass General Law, chapter 85 section 36, “Unsecured/Uncovered Load.”

Please remember, when traveling with a load in a vehicle, take a look at it and before taking to the roads, ask yourself, “What could go wrong?

Just last week, Massachusetts troopers caught another “What Could Go Wrong” load in Carver.