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Minnesota State Patrol declares “enough is enough” after fatal distracted driving crash


The Minnesota State Patrol issued a heart-rendering plea to end distracted driving following a fatal truck vs. car incident that happened in Washington County this week.

On Tuesday, February 27th, 54-year-old Robert Bursick lost his life in a crash on Highway 36 when he was hit by a semi truck while waiting at a red light. Police say that 28-year-old Samuel Wayne Hicks was looking down at his phone and did not slow before colliding with Bursick’s car. Hicks has since been charged with criminal vehicular homicide.

MSP: “We All Need To Commit To Not Driving Distracted”

The Minnesota State Patrol wrote a Facebook post pleading for drivers to put their phones down:

Eight seconds. That’s how long a semi driver allegedly had his eyes glued to his phone, oblivious to the other motorists around him, before slamming into an innocent man stopped at a traffic light Tuesday on Highway 36 in Lake Elmo.

The crash was so violent, the victim’s car had to be taken to a fire department so his body could be removed.

“Enough is enough. We all need to commit to not driving distracted. Had that happened on Tuesday, there is no doubt in my mind Mr. Bursik would be home, not headed to the morgue,” Col. Langer said of fatal crash that killed Robert Bursik.

Col. Langer, Office of Traffic Safety Director Mike Hanson, and Washington County Assistant County Attorney Siv Yurichuk spoke about the crash today. Their message was simple: Distracted driving is a deadly choice with tragic and lifelong consequences.

“This crash is the latest in the litany of crashes that litter our roadways,” Hanson said. “Enough is enough. We can stop this epidemic but it will take all of us working together.


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