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New Pay Packages & Better Fuel Surcharge Options for Owner Operators


Highway Transport is pleased to announce the company has a new and improved Owner Operator pay scale that includes not only one of the best rates per mile, but one of the most rewarding fuel surcharge plans in the industry.  At Highway Transport, Owner Operators earn $1.40 per load mile and .92 for empty loads. What is even better is that there is an additional fuel surcharge added to that.

Owner Operators will find that we are different than most companies. While others pass 100% of the surcharge to Owner Operators, we have come up with a better solution,” Joe Sheldon, Director of Line Haul and Recruiting, said. “Our surcharge is calculated in a rate table. We went a different route because our shippers have different fuel surcharges. We felt it was more advantageous to round those numbers and give an average surcharge that covers all shippers.

New Pay Packages & Better Fuel Surcharge Options for Owner Operators

This kind of rate table will help Owner Operators maximize earning potential in a way that is more conducive for utilization purposes. When the new rate per mile and the rate table surcharge are added together, Owner Operators at Highway Transport make close to $1.90 per mile. “One of the most significant benefits is that you can haul for any of our shippers and get the same amount,” Sheldon said.

The new pay rate and fuel surcharge plan is just the beginning of the many benefits Owner Operators enjoy when they sign on with Highway Transport. For instance, for those who may not be ELD compliant, Highway Transport will install the unit for them at one of their Highway Shops.

The culture at Highway Transport is one defined by strong ethics and individual responsibility. The company is safety focused, quality driven, people oriented and maintains regulatory compliance. The mission of Highway Transport is to provide quality and efficient transportation services for its customers.  To learn more about Owner Operator opportunities at Highway Transport, visit Drive4Highway.com or call 1-800-800-5856.


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