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ODOT to act after eight semi trucks crash off I-270 onto business property


The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) says that they will be taking immediate action after numerous trucks — including three in a five day span — have crashed off of a steep I-270 shoulder onto private property.

The crashes started back in April, according to ABC6, and coincide with an interstate widening project on the northbound lanes of I-270 between the I-70 interchange and the Roberts Road exit on the west side of Columbus, Ohio.

Since late April, eight trucks have crashed, causing significant  property damage at Lyon Video, a mobile video production company. The problem seems to be intensifying recently, with three semi trucks crashing off of I-270 in a five day span.

According to MyFox28, the problem appears to be that the construction project has narrowed the right lane so dramatically that there is no shoulder. Additionally, on site reports say that part of the right guardrail juts out “almost into the traffic lane”, causing the trucks to collide with the guardrail and then to lose control and crash off of the interstate.

CDLLife reader Tom Fidler who regularly travels this stretch of interstate stated, “This is where I drive my rig on a daily, and yes….there’s about 4 inches each way; between the barrier and the PV’s on the other side…8 inches clearance, even at 35 mph.

Lyon Video reports that landscaping trees and a hedgerow on company property have been damaged by the crashing trucks. They also say that some of the trucks have come very close to damaging expensive company equipment.

On Tuesday, August 21, ODOT responded to growing concern about truck crashes off of I-270 and said that within 24 hours, they would more signage, more orange barrels, and more reflective markers on the guardrail to try to stop the crashes. ODOT is also asking truck drivers to heed the 45 m.p.h. advisory speed limit.

Additionally, a lane shift is scheduled for September that will funnel traffic away from the guardrail. Authorities also point to an upcoming road resurfacing project that they hope will cut down on the number of truck crashes.


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