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Off-duty CHP chief charged for assaulting truck driver


A high ranking California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer is facing charges for a road rage incident involving a truck driver that left the officer knocked out flat on his back in the roadway near Redding last summer.

CHP Assistant Chief Brought Up On Battery, Reckless Driving Charges

Forty-nine year old assistant CHP chief Todd Andrew Garr has been charged with reckless driving and misdemeanor battery for an incident that was caught on camera near Redding last summer. Fifty-one year old Paul Anthony Asnicar has also been charged with battery against the truck driver in the same case.

The July 14 incident came to light after being caught on camera and posted to YouTube by another truck driver, Jeremy Vipond. Vipond has since removed the YouTube video, but you can see most of the footage in the news coverage from local station KRCRTV below.

In the video, you can see two men — one of whom was later identified as Garr — climbing up on a tanker truck to confront the truck driver as part of a road rage incident.

Vipond later told KRCRTV, “I saw a white SUV parked in front of a tanker trailer, and I saw the first person of interest on the steps arguing with the driver. He appeared to have been struck in the mouth and fell backwards.”

The CHP later confirmed that the man who was struck and apparently knocked out by the truck driver was assistant Chief Garr.

The truck driver was later identified as Kenneth McFall, who drives for Cross Petroleum. Cross Petroleum Vice President Jimm Cross has stated that he supports McFall and the way that he defended himself during the incident: “We are very supportive of our driver that the way he reacted in this situation protecting himself, getting the vehicle away to a safe public place.

Garr is still employed by CHP.


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