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VIDEO: Officer comes to the rescue after dump truck driver has seizure


A Greenfield police officer hopped into the cab of a runaway dump truck to save a 61 year old driver who was having a seizure.

The incident occurred on May 17, 2018 at 8:34 p.m. near Loomis Road and Layton Avenue in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

Officer James Enters saw the entire scene play out and pursued the vehicle in a low-speed chase.

The dump truck driver, Paul Tiedt, is a diabetic. Doctors believe he suffered from insulin shock and passed out.

According to TMJ4, the dump truck took out a telephone pole and made its way through a restaurant parking lot. It then drove through a fence before coming to a halt on 43rd street. It was then that Officer Enters teamed up with a civilian and a fellow officer to save the driver.

“I ran over to the driver’s door and saw that the driver was unresponsive, and convulsing,” Enters said.

After quickly assessing the situation, the three men turned off the ignition, activated the air brakes, and did all they could to help Tiedt until Greenfield Fire Department arrived on the scene and took the driver to the hospital.

Tiedt does not remember the incident. He is now out of the hospital with nothing but a few bruises.

No further injuries were reported.


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