Ohio investigators pull over suspicious semi truck. Then they arrest six men after finding $3.4 million worth of cocaine.

Four of the men are being held on a $20 million bond.

Six men have been arrested and are being held on bond as high as $20 million after a huge shipment of cocaine was seized and discovered, according to the Ohio Attorney General.

The drug bust happened on Saturday in Columbus. From the Attorney General’s release about the incident:

“Authorities with the task force … made the arrests after gathering evidence indicating that the drugs were being transported from Mexico to Columbus on a semi-truck. 

Investigators intercepted the semi-truck in Columbus and served a search warrant on an East Fifth Street warehouse where an estimated $3.4 million worth of cocaine was found. Members of the task force also seized more than $500,000 in cash, two stolen firearms, and multiple vehicles, including the semi-truck.”

The seized cocaine weighed approximately 75 pounds.

These six men were arrested in connection with the drug bust:

  • Davion Craig, 22, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Antwonne Hunter, 49, Columbus
  • Toinairis Hunter, 27, Columbus
  • Josue Montelongo-Rangel, 34, Mission, Texas
  • Juan Vela Jr., 40, Donna, Texas
  • Luis Villareal, 28, McAllen, Texas

Antwonne Hunter, Montelongo-Rangel, Villareal, and Vela, Jr. are all being held on a $20 million bond. Toinairis Hunter and Craig are being Heldon a $7.5 million bond

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said, “Drug traffickers should know that they are taking a huge risk by coming to Ohio. Our task forces are skilled at intercepting large shipments of drugs like this, and those caught bringing drugs here will face very serious consequences.