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Experts say ‘polar vortex’ could blast U.S. in coming weeks


Weather watchers are warning that a polar vortex on the horizon could bring the worst winter weather in years in the coming weeks, making trucking difficult across the country.

Researchers are reporting that a polar vortex is likely to hit Canada and the United States in late December or early January, which could cause extremely frigid temperatures in the coming weeks, according to Science Alert.

Climate researcher Judah Cohen says that “confidence is growing in a significant polar vortex disruption in the coming weeks. This could be the single most important determinant of the weather this winter across the northern Hemisphere.”

Forecasters say that the east coast could be hit particularly hard by winter weather in the days and weeks to come.

If the polar vortex disruption moves forward as expected, scientists say that it could bring with it the coldest winter in years.

The Polar Vortex is a large patch of cold air that normally circles the North Pole but if it is disrupted, it can spill down into Canada and the U.S., bringing with it frigid temperatures.

Winter officially begins on Friday, December 21.


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