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READER POST: There Is No “Shortage of Drivers”


CDLLife Reader Joshua shares his perspective on the mainstream media’s reports on the “truck driver shortage”.

Joshua writes:

“We’ve all heard the false news about “shortage of truck drivers”. What you may never see published is there is more of an owner operator shortage than puppet drivers for mega-carriers. Instead of drivers earning what they haul and going home when they want, mega-carriers have monopolized the industry by taking advantage of honest working people and hiring would-be truck drivers while keeping them on a short leash and literally paying them pennies on the dollar!

I understand that it takes money to make money. However, until an enterprising truck driver gets a foot in the door and acquires his/her own commercial vehicle, the crystal clear difference between actually earning money and (unfortunately the most common case of) living paycheck to paycheck with nothing to show for it at the end of the day will become evident. Who would willingly or knowingly sacrifice their family, friends and community for a greedy, faceless corporation?
Now more than ever, there are media reports of attempts to credit children to carry the burden and responsibility of operating commercial vehicles. There is no shortage of drivers, but shortage of earned wages. Meanwhile the CEOs of mega carriers are living very comfortably and very well while counting their money.”

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