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Someone is attacking St. Louis drivers with bowling balls


Drivers in St. Louis, Missouri, have been reporting that their moving vehicles have been attacked by thrown and rolled bowling balls.

At least two passenger vehicle drivers have reported that their cars were recently struck by bowling balls in South St. Louis County, according to Fox2Now.

The most recent incident occurred on Friday, September 21, as motorist Teresa Seavey was driving on Tesson Ferry Road toward I-270. Seavey says that she saw a man standing on the side of the road roll a bowling ball toward her car. She says that she was unable to avoid the bowling ball and that it struck her vehicle, causing $600 worth of damage.

Seavey described the incident in a Facebook post intended to warn other drivers: “It was about 8:30pm. I was paying as I was driving and I noticed a thin white male walking too close to the white line. I also noticed that he was wear bagging dark pants and a black hoodie. Not appropriate attire for an 80* evening in September. Anyway, as I was driving and wishing I could get out of the right hand lane away from him and he rolled a bowling ball at my car! A bowling ball! Since I couldn’t get away from the incoming “strike” it hit my car and damaged my spoiler and some of my undercarriage.”

Seavey wasn’t hurt. She said that she believed that that the man was attempting to carjack her. Seavey says that she heard about another driver who experienced a similar bowling ball attack in the same location.

In June, motorist Treff Laplant says that he also was the victim of a bowling ball attack. Laplant says that he was southbound on I-55 when another driver in a car with North Carolina license plates threw a bowling ball at his car. He says that the bowling ball shattered his windshield and did $6000 worth of damage. He suffered minor injuries from broken glass.

No arrests have been made. St. Louis police say that they have no reason to believe that the incidents are connected.



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