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St. Louis police warn drivers after “heavily armed cruising” incident at truck stop


St. Louis Metropolitan Police have shared footage of several people exchanging gunfire during an “armed cruising” incident at a small truck stop.

The startling footage was captured on July 29 at the Energy Express Travel Center located at North Broadway and Grand, according to reporting in the KC Star.

In the video you can see at least two individuals armed with rifles firing multiple shots. Several of the shots were fired right next to a parked semi truck. Other people in the video can be seen wearing bullet proof vests.

No injuries were reported as a result of the shots fired.

St. Louis police say that the incident is part of a trend called “armed cruising.” Police say that while citizens do have the right to bear arms, but “when people fire shots into the air and at people, they are breaking the law.” Police also say that armed cruising poses a serious public safety hazard.

Truck stop employees say that they found more than 100 shell casings on the property.

For now, police are trying to curb the practice by increasing patrols in the area. The travel center has shut down all but one entrance to try to make it less convenient for large numbers of drivers to congregate.




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