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St. Louis trucker hunts and exposes suspected child predators online


A St. Louis truck driver is gaining nationwide attention for confronting suspected child predators at truck stops and posting videos of the encounters online.

Truck driver and self-described “pissed-off father” Anthony Greene started the Facebook group TAP- Truckers Against Predators less than a month ago.

Greene uses a similar model to the one featured in the popular television series “To Catch A Predator”, with decoys posing as an underage persons online to lure suspected predators and then arranging a meeting at a truck stop. Greene shows up in place of the minor and films his confrontations with the suspected sexual predators, then posts the video to the TAP Facebook group.

Though the project is fairly new, the videos shared by TAP have already garnered tens of thousands of views. A video posted just 10 hours ago has already been  viewed more than 16,000 times.

While some have applauded Greene for his efforts to expose child predators, others have cautioned him about being a vigilante. Green told local news station KMOV that his confrontations never turn violent and that he works in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies to make sure that the suspected predators are investigated and prosecuted if possible.

Greene and his team say that they are currently working on exposing around 40 suspected child predators in the St. Louis area.

You can take a look at video of one of Greene’s latest confrontations below.


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