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Stranded truck driver runs for his life in two truck “move over” crash caught on Iowa DOT traffic cameras


The Iowa Department of Transportation has shared crazy video of a two truck crash as a reminder to drivers to move over for disabled vehicles.

The crash happened on July 5 on I-35 at the Iowa 210 exit near Ames. In the video, you can see a truck with a blown tire pulled over on the partially on the left shoulder and partially blocking the left lane of the interstate. Most of the vehicles move over into the right lane, but a single semi truck fails to do so and smashes into the disabled truck. The disabled truck’s driver can be seen sprinting away from his vehicle across the grassy median.

The crash came just days after a new law went into effect in Iowa requiring drivers to slow down or move over if possible for any vehicle with flashing lights including emergency vehicles or vehicles with their hazard lights on. The penalty for disobeying the new Move Over law is a $100 fine. Drivers can be subject to the loss of their license if their violation of the Move Over law results in a crash.

Steve Gent, with the Iowa DOT’s Office of Traffic and Safety, said, “There are two really important things for people to understand about this law. If you have an emergency situation and have to pull over on the side of the road, turn on your hazard lights. That allows oncoming traffic to better see you. If you are traveling and see a vehicle, any vehicle, with lights flashing, you need to either move over if you can or at least slow down to safely pass. While the law only requires you to move over or slow down for vehicles with flashing lights, for the safety of everyone involved it’s a good practice to do whenever you see any vehicle along the side of the road.


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