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Streaming services: How to make the best use of your breaks!


Streaming Services and how they stack up.

You have to take your 30-minutes, 10-hour, or 34-hour break, now what? How are you going to spend that time? I have compiled a list of the best streaming services for you to look into, and compare the best options to get in some quality down time!

Of course there are your number 1’s that you hear so much about: Netflix, Hulu, and HBO, but are they the best ones for what you want to watch and enjoy?!

Let’s find out by comparing just a few that are available…

Amazon Prime Video

Cost: $119 per year or $13 a month

Shows: Includes tons of original shows and episodes such as “Django Unchained,” or “The Americans.” You can also access HBO’s shows, OR add on Showtime, plus other additional services for $9-$15 a month on top of the $13 a month. Amazon also puts out documentaries and original films from time to time.

Good: Wide selection, included with your Prime account, original shows

Bad: Rarely gets new videos or updated shows, not available on every device, current movie services come at an extra cost

Try Amazon free for 30 days. 

AT&T Watch TV

Do you have an AT&T phone plan? Then this may be your answer.. I do and I utilize this subscription.. It is one of my top 3 picks!

Cost: FREE, yes FREE, for anyone who is already an AT&T Unlimited and Unlimited Premium Wireless subscribers. $15 for everybody else.

Shows: 30 live channels, but no local broadcasts. Also includes: Cartoon Network, CNN, TBS, TNT, Turner Classic Movies, Discovery, HGTV, BET, Comedy Central, PLUS more than 15,000 TV shows and movies on demand!

Good: Free for AT&T subscribers, wide selection

Bad: No local channels


Perfect for anyone who does not have cable but still wants to watch HBO only shows!

Cost: $15 a month

Shows: All HBO series, documentaries, movies, and specials

Good: Original programming, top-tier movies, original news programming

Bad: Pricey


Cost: Only $8 a month (with ads), but $12 a month without the ads.. and if it’s your first year of service? A whopping $6 per month.

Shows: Anything from ABC, FOX, NBC, even older CBS shows including “Seinfeld,” and original HULU shows! They also have several movie selections to choose from.

Good: Great selection of current TV shows, inexpensive, original shows

Bad: Frequent commercials, inconsistency in TV show seasons


The king of all binge watching.

Cost: $11 a month

Shows: Includes a large amount of TV shows and movies, as well as their own original series of shows.

Good: GREAT selection, good recommendation system

Bad: Constant changing of available shows and movies, limited new content

YouTube TV

Cost: $40 a month

Shows: Live TV from up to 50 different providers, including all well-known and major networks. It will also offer a DVR cloud storage space with an unlimited amount of storage!

Good: Unlimited storage, can save shows and movies, wide variety of networks to choose from

Bad: Expensive


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