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Three surprising reasons your driving application may be rejected


Have you ever been rejected from getting a driving job? Maybe you didn’t have enough experience, not the right experience or maybe you didn’t live in the right area. But what if you did meet the company’s pre-defined hiring requirements — you have the right experience, you live in the hiring area, you’ve had no wrecks, very few citations — and your application still gets rejected?

This can be baffling — infuriating, even.

CDLLife has spoken with safety and recruiting directors to find out some of the reasons they’ll reject a driver, even if that driver meets their minimum hiring criteria, and their answers were surprising.

Job Jumping

Many companies are concerned about the number of jobs you have in the last few years. If you’re a job jumper and don’t stay at any company for longer than 6 months, your changes of getting a job decline.

They say that job jumping is a sign that you could be jumping around for sign-on bonus or you’ll be difficult to work with.

If you’ve recently been rejected from a job and you’ve had more than 8 jobs in 3 years, stay at a job for at least 6 months before hopping around again, is their recommendation.

Child Support Suspensions

If you’ve been court ordered to pay child support but you haven’t always been able to keep up with your payments, there’s a chance your license has been suspended. Many trucking companies take this as a red flag. “What if he or she gets their license suspended while hauling our freight,” “If they’re not responsible enough to protect their CDL, what would make them responsible drivers?” These are some of the comments we’ve heard.

Seat Belt or Hand-Held Device Tickets

If you get caught operating a CMV not wearing a seat belt, you’re going to end up with 7 points on your PSP! Seat belt tickets carry a hefty punch.

Get caught using a hand held device while driving and you’re facing 10 points!

Most companies have a set threshold for violations and getting one of these heavy-hitters could greatly affect your application status.

If you’ve recently been rejected from a job, order a copy of your PSP, DAC and MVR. You’re entitled to one free report from each of these agencies each year. If you find something on your reports that is inaccurate, dispute it.

Keeping your driving record clean is vital to your career. Make sure to check your reports each year.


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