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Trucker arrested for ignoring signs, barreling through 2000 year old archeological site


A truck driver was arrested for damaging Peru’s world famous Nazca Lines over the weekend.

Trucker Leaves “Deep Scars” On Famous Geoglyphs

On Saturday, authorities say that 40 year old truck driver Jainer Jesus Flores Vigo ignored warning signs and drove through a site containing geoglyphs dating back to 500 B.C., leaving deep tire marks at the site, which is located about 250 miles south of Lima.

Peru’s Culture Ministry said that the truck left “deep scars” on the site and damaged three of the geoglyphs.

The Nazca Lines geoglyphs etched into the earth depict plant and animal life and are thought to have ritual significance to the Nazca people who created them. The geoglyphs were named a A UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.

Peruvian Authorities Release Trucker After Arrest

After his arrest, Flores Vigo claimed that he was unfamiliar with the area and that he had been forced to pull off of the road to change a tire. Local media asserted that Flores Vigo was likely trying to avoid paying a toll on the Pan-American Highway.

Flores Vigo was released by authorities after they determined that there was not enough evidence to prove that he intentionally damaged the geoglyphs.

Peru’s Culture Ministry says that they will try to prevent damage to the site in the future by employing drones.


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