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Trucker fired for taking action to stop out of control motorist


A truck driver lost his job last week for taking action to try to save lives by putting a stop to a dangerous erratic motorist.

The incident began on the evening of Wednesday, August 8, in Wyoming, Michigan, according to reporting from WoodTV.

As Secure Logistics truck driver Cody Kooman, 23, was eastbound on M-6, he spotted a car driver swerving on the roadway. Kooman was worried that the car driver was going to crash and cause someone to get hurt — or worse.

Kooman called police and said that he was transferred among multiple law enforcement agencies while he followed the erratic car. Kooman told CDLLife via phone that he followed the vehicle for miles as it wove in and out of lanes and even crashed into a guardrail. All the while, Kooman says that he was trying to make contact with police to get the driver off of the road. He says became increasingly alarmed when the car swerved toward the median and threatened to enter the westbound lanes.

Finally, Kooman says he was compelled to take action after watching the car go up on just two wheels. He says that he turned his four-way lights on and blasted his air horn to try to warn other drivers as he nosed his semi truck in front of the erratic driver’s car, bringing it safely to a halt.

Kooman said that out of concern for the driver (and based on his past experience helping out motorists in distress as as a wrecker driver), he left his truck and broke out the car’s window with his boot to get to the car driver.

No crashes occurred and no one was hurt as a result of Kooman’s actions to stop the car. Kooman said that he was not cited for the incident.

Kooman said that the car driver was suffering from a diabetic episode and eventually got medical treatment.

Kooman pointed out that he did not act alone and that other drivers were aware of the problem and trying to help.

After the incident, Kooman says that he was fired by Secure Logistics in order to protect the trucking company from possible liability.

CDLLife’s attempts to reach Secure Logistics by phone for comment were unsuccessful. The company’s Facebook page and website have been taken down.

Kooman says that he already has another job.

Kooman told CDLLife that he does not regret his actions and that drivers who feel that they are in a position to save a life should “do what you’ve got to do.”


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