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Trucker says he was ‘wrongfully’ stopped and arrested in Georgia


A truck driver says his dash cam video and cell phone footage proves he was wrongfully stopped and arrested after an encounter with two Georgia troopers.

Truck driver Casper Brisbon says that the situation started when he was wrongly pulled over for following too closely by police in Adel, Georgia. While Brisbon tries to explain that the “following too closely” situation was actually caused by another semi truck that entered his lane in order to move over for the police officer parked on the shoulder, tensions between the trucker and police kept increasing until Brisbon found himself in handcuffs.

Here’s how Brisbon described the situation:

“I was traveling in a semi in Adel, Georgia. Cop pulled me over. I asked the cop what was I pulled over for. He said for following too close. I tried telling him that I was in the middle lane and the other truck came in my lane because he (the cop) was on the side of the road, then when the truck passed the cop, he got back over. So how can I be following too close when I was in the lane and the other truck entered into my lane?

The cop got mad so I asked to speak to a supervisor a few times. The cop got even more upset and tried to pull me out of my truck. And then the cop said that I’m getting charged for obstruction while I’m in my truck after he has my ID and info to give me the ticket he claimed to be stopping me for.

The cop never was concerned about giving me a ticket, but he seemed more concerned about arresting me for obstruction for asking for a supervisor while I’m in my truck. There are three different videos I have due to my hand hitting stop on phone and one time when the cop tried to delete video but ended up locking my phone after I’m in handcuffs. I also have the video my company provided me with to support my claim of me not following too close and the truck is getting into my lane so that he won’t obstruct [the police officer] while he is on the side of the road.”

Brisbon told CDLLife that he believes that the arresting officers attempted to delete the cellphone video that he was recording.

Brisbon says that he was ultimately charged with obstruction of justice and spent the night in jail before he was granted bond the next morning.

You can see dash cam footage of the driving maneuver that triggered the traffic stop as well as Brisbon’s interaction with police in the video below.


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