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Trucker with terminal cancer leads a convoy for his last ride


A trucker told by doctors he has only two weeks to live took his last ride as the head of a convoy organized in his honor over the weekend.

69-year-old trucker Ron Gunson was diagnosed with stomach and intestinal cancer on October 20th and by Halloween, doctors informed him that they believe he has only two weeks to live. Once confronted with the news and told that chemo was an option, though it was unlikely to help, Gunson chose to refuse treatment and live life to the fullest for whatever time he has left, and that’s where his community in Arran-Tara, Ontario, Canada, stepped in.

Gunson has been driving trucks for more than 40 years, owns a truck maintenance shop, and even his son, brothers, and nephews have been truckers at one point or another, so Gunson’s friends and family chose to help him take his ‘last ride’ in style – by organizing a convoy through the village with just two days’ notice, reported The Sun Times.

61 trucks participated in the convoy headed by Gunson, making their way through town center, around a couple blocks, and up the main roadway, traveling through streets lined with people before eventually ending at Gunson’s house and truck shop, where approximately 500 people were waiting.

“I was jokin’, I get to attend my own funeral,” Gunson said. “It was amazing. It was kind of overwhelming, knowing what was going on. You know, it was for me.”

“There were not a lot of dry eyes,” added Gunson’s wife, Sue.

“There were a lot of people who came to the village just to watch the convoy,” said Arran-Tara Mayor Paul Eagleson, who is also a long-time friend of Gunson’s.

“He was extremely, extremely pleased with the way Saturday went. Meant everything to him. He’s a strong, strong man. There was no bitterness this morning. No regrets… It is what it is and he says you’ve got to play the hand you’re dealt.”

Prior to the convoy, Gunson spent the week in the hospital, but now says that he plans to die at home.

“Well I don’t know how do you describe it,” he said.

“Like when I got the news and I just thought I’ve got to deal with it. I’m not depressed in any way. I’m not stressed in any way. It’s just kinda nice to have family and friends when you’re in a position like that.”


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