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Trucking company to offer “Full Ride” college tuition to drivers and their children


Today U.S. Xpress announced that they will be offering full college scholarships for company truck drivers and their children.

The new scholarship program is called “Full Ride” and it allows U.S. Xpress drivers and their children to earn either a Bachelors or Masters degree in one of several fields of study from the accredited online San Diego-based Ashford University. Drivers working for Total Transportation of Mississippi, LLC, a U.S. Xpress subsidiary, are also eligible to participate in the program.

The Full Ride program allows for two people from the driver’s family to be enrolled at the university at once — the driver himself and one dependent or two dependents. The children must be 17 – 26 years of age to qualify.

From a press release offering details about the Full Ride program: “Unlike traditional tuition reimbursement programs, the students participating in the U.S. Xpress Full Ride program do not have to front the money for college and then later seek reimbursement. The “Full Ride” program pays all costs directly to the university, including tuition, books and course materials, removing any financial barrier for U.S. Xpress drivers and their families.”

U.S. Xpress CEO Eric Fuller says, “…this program offers our drivers and their families the life-changing opportunity to attend college at a time when it is becoming increasingly expensive and unattainable to many. Also, we believe the Full Ride program will attract people to our industry who may have not previously thought about driving a truck. If your goal is to get an education without racking up debt, we can offer you a means to accomplish that goal.  If you want a degree but are not interested in sitting in a classroom all day, we offer you the opportunity to see the country while completing your studies.”

You can click here to learn more about the Full Ride program.


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