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TRUKR STIK: Check out this trucker-designed mirror squeegee!


A trucker unable to find a squeegee made for convex truck mirrors decided to take matters into his own hands and invent one.

The TRUKR STIK was created by Pennsylvania-based trucker¬†Shane Schindler, 31. After 10 years of driving truck through tough Pittsburgh winters, Schindler says that he wanted — but was unable to find — a squeegee specifically designed for truck mirrors. So he ordered a 3D printer and created a product that would eventually become the TRUKR STIK.

According to the product description on the TRUKR STIK website, “One end perfectly fits side mirrors … The other end has a PERFECT CURVE for those hard to clean round, convex mirrors! Compact, to fit right in your door, and out of the way!”

Schindler’s simple, straightforward, product demonstration videos have been key to propelling the TRUKR STIK’s success in various online trucker groups. A 22 second video clip that Schindler published just three weeks ago has already garnered 14 thousand views on Facebook.

Schindler told CDLLife that the response to his product from the trucking community has been overwhelmingly positive:¬†“We all have to clean our mirrors,” he pointed out. One woman told Schindler that she’d been looking for a truck mirror squeegee for her husband for the past ten years. And the words “Finally!” and “About time!” are the most common responses Schindler says that he receives when he shows off the TRUKR STIK to fellow drivers.

The product is available in red and black, retails for just $12.99, and ships for free within the U.S. You can click here for purchasing information or you can visit TRUKR STIK on Facebook to learn more.


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