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VIDEO: Attentive trucker saves lives after idiotic car driver comes to a complete stop on highway


A confused car driver pulls a dangerous driving maneuver on a busy highway which could have cost lives had it not been for the quick thinking of a truck driver.

In the video, you can see that the car driver appears to be confused about upcoming EZ Pass lanes, so he comes to a sudden stop directly in front of the dash cammer, forcing a truck behind the two passenger vehicles to make an evasive maneuver to avoid flattening the cars.

Many Reddit users were outraged by the car driver’s dangerous maneuver.

AndyLH88 writes, “Holy crap that was close! And after all that they still want to try and reverse in a live lane?! Revoke their license immediately.”

Others tried to explain the car driver’s inexplicable actions. Redditor iateone explains, “I think the driver was just confused. This is an entrance to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. If you look at the 6 second mark it kind of looks like the right side of the freeway is an exit. In actuality, the left side of the free was EZ-Pass only (EZ-Pass is the east coast version of FasTrak, an automatic way to pay your tolls) while the right side was if you wanted to exit or if you wanted to get a paper ticket for Turnpike. The driver thought he needed to get out of the exit lane and stay on the freeway, then realized that it was a lane only if you had an EZ-Pass and tried to get back to the “Get a ticket” lane.”


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