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VIDEO: Car driver comes to a dead halt on highway, learns that trucks can’t stop on a dime


A caring car driver sees that another motorist is struggling to merge, so she slams on her brakes and comes to a dead stop, giving the trucker behind her little chance to bring his rig to a halt.

Reddit users spread the blame for the crash around on everyone involved.

newnameilostoldname wrote, “That made me so angry. The idiot for trying to merge back on instead of just exiting and getting back on, and the other idiot for totally stopping.

Blurgas said, “Not sure I would call that “congested”, but still, you don’t just stop on the highway like that. If that Mini had kept speed, it looks like they could have easily changed lanes to let that guy in. At the very least Mini should have just kept going since the SUV was stopping on the shoulder.

m-tee 6 blamed the truck driver: “it’s cammers fault for not maintaining a safe distance to the vehicle in front of them or being distracted. Looks like he has applied brakes a bit too late.


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