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VIDEO: FedEx truck “absolutely, positively does not fit” in car toll booth lane


Texas police are warning truckers to stay in their lane at the toll booth after a FedEx truck driver scraped his way through a cars-only lane.

Yesterday a video was posted on the Facebook page of the Office of Constable Ted Heap. Harris County Constable Pct. 5 showing a FedEx truck muscling its way through a cars-only toll booth lane in the Houston, Texas, area. A constable’s cruiser is in the lane beside the FedEx truck and it is immediately pulled over.

Harris County Constable Tod Heap writes:

When It Absolutely, Positively Does Not Fit

There’s a reason why the Toll Road Authority posts those ‘Cars Only’ signs. It’s because 18-wheelers simply do not fit through those lanes.

One of our Facebook friends witnessed this last night. There are separate lanes marked that will fit trucks and other oversized vehicles. This driver apparently didn’t notice.

Be advised big rig drivers, if you try this, one of our toll road deputies will be waiting to talk to you on the other side.

FedEx issued a statement to ABC13 about the incident: “Safety is our top priority at FedEx Ground. We are aware of this incident in the Houston area and are conducting an investigation to determine the circumstances that led to this incident.”


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