VIDEO: Metal band's tour bus collides with turning truck

The California heavy metal band Machine Head says that no one was seriously hurt in a crash involving their tour bus loaded with gear and a turning semi truck.

Band Describes “Scary Bus Accident”

From Machine Head’s Facebook post from January 29:

Everyone safe.
It’s hard to tell from the footage, but sometime around 4AM, while driving away from our sold-out show in Albuquerque, our bus driver Bryon safely avoided what could have been a very serious accident. Driver-cam footage below doesn’t clearly show that this was a blind hill and blind turn we were coming up around, as a truck (that had missed it’s turn off) pulled out into the (left) oncoming traffic lane of the highway to make an almost impossible exit to the right.

Skidding into the truck with a full bus and trailer, it knocked our mirror off, shattered Byron’s window, and scared the hell out of everyone sleeping, but thanks to his excellent driving, no one was hurt.

Shout out to our driver Bryon!!

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