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VIDEO: Moving truck takes on low hanging overpass and loses


A moving truck lost its roof while trying to pass beneath a bridge in Louisville, Kentucky on Wednesday night.

Bridge Hit Again

The bridge is notorious for taking out too-tall semi trucks, only this time the incident was caught on video.

Gary Budd, a passionate University of Louisville fan, was driving near campus at Third Street and Eastern Parkway when he saw a truck pause and consider before taking on the bridge. The truck then inched beneath the low hanging bridge, sending sparks flying before emerging out from under the overpass with its roof peeled away from the trailer.

What seemed like a freak accident  is a pretty routine occurrence. As it turns out, there’s a whole Reddit thread dedicated just to trucks getting stuck or damaged under University of Louisville bridges.

Something to Root For

Budd said on Twitter that the University of Louisville may have missed the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, but he still found something to root for.

“I’ve got the 3rd Street bridge winning my bracket,” Budd tweeted.



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