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VIDEO: Sneaky sedan driver pays the price for cutting in front of a truck


A truck driver pushes a car several feet down the road after it tries to sneak in front of his rig in slowed traffic.

When traffic slows for a previous crash, a trucker allows a fellow driver to go in front of him. Naturally, a car driver thinks that he, too, should be allowed to sneak in front of the dash cammer. Apparently unable to see the sedan, the dash cammer collides with the car and pushes it down the roadway.

Car Driver To Blame?

The incident led to spirited online debate as to who was at fault for the crash.

Redditor OverpricedGrandpaCar argues that the car driver was to blame for this one: “My honest opinion, as someone who has never driven a 18-wheeler…the car is 100% at fault. And anyone who thinks the Truck could see the car is wrong.

A long hood truck even with extra mirrors on the fenders/hood still has some big blind spots on it. Hell the camera itself you can barely see the car sneak in. And the camera is high up and centered on the windshield. Move that back to where the driver actually sits and that car might as well not be here.

My new commute involves driving by the docks, and I absolutely hate dealing with the dock truckers. They are some of the worst (maybe a step below SWIFT) but d*mn do I give them space. I do not want to put myself or them in a situation like that at all.

Others, like DrKhanMD, said that at least some of the blame should fall on the truck driver: “As sh*tty as it sounds, I’d guess the semi/cammer is at fault.

Getting over to let the other semi over is nice, and that car tailing the semi that is pulling over is an absolute idiot, but you still needs to make sure your lane is clear when changing lanes, or into this case reentering the highway. That includes checking any and all blindspots.

They assumed that nobody would be stupid enough to try and exploit the gap. Sadly they were wrong.

Might be able to cite the car for unsafe lane change and get a 50/50 too.

Who gets the blame for this one, in your opinion? Like, share, and leave a comment below!


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