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VIDEO: Tesla driver says he was rear-ended by texting trucker


The owner of a new Tesla Model 3 shared video that he claims proves that a truck driver was texting moments before a rear end crash and then shared screenshots of text messages online in an attempt to prove that that the truck driver was committing insurance fraud.

The dash cam video was shared to the r/Roadcam subreddit with the title “Semi hit me, begged me not to go through his insurance and let him pay cash. Then I found out he called his insurance company and blamed me for the accident. HD dash cam proves he is engaging in INSURANCE FRAUD!?

In the r/RoadCams subreddit, the Tesla driver shared screen shots of text messages exchanged between himself and the truck driver involved which he says prove that the trucker conspired to commit insurance fraud.

Insurance Fraud?

Insurance Fraud?

Insurance Fraud?




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