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VIDEO: Truck on truck brake check causes serious multi-vehicle crash


In this dash cam video, you can see a semi truck come to a complete stop in front of another truck on the interstate, causing a major crash.

The three minute long video was posted by YouTube user Richard Colbert on October 5. Colbert writes: “This is the full video with comments in the video. Shows both times the jerk cut me off and hit the brakes as well as his response as he is fleeing the accident. This occurred on I-294 at MM 28 on 5-9-2018!”

In the beginning of the video, you can see the dash cammer’s truck getting cut off for the first time at the 0:41 second mark by the truck that would ultimately brake check him again. Following the brake check, you can see the two trucks maneuver through traffic, with the dash cammer nearly clipping a car. The original brake checker then delivers a second brake check that reportedly resulted in a serious chain reaction crash before he left the scene.


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