VIDEO: Utah cops stop swerving truck driver in “Semi DUI”

"There goes my CDL."

On the A&E documentary television series “Live PD”, Utah police spot a swerving truck driver running others off of the road. Officers pull him over to try to determine why he can’t keep his truck under control.

The video begins with dash cam footage shot by officers following the truck as it swerved over the road.

After the truck was pulled over, officers with the Utah Highway Patrol asked the unidentified truck driver, “How’re we doing? How come we can’t control our rig today?”

Semi DUI

The truck driver replied, “Working.”

“Because you’re working?”

“Yes,” said the driver.

“No, how come you’re not maintaining control of the semi and the trailers today?” the officer asked again.

“I wasn’t aware that I was…”

Semi DUI

After administering a field sobriety test and talking to the driver, officers say that they determined that the driver was under the influence of prescription drugs and placed him under arrest.

As the driver was being arrested, he can be heard saying, “There goes my CDL.”


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