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Watch a semi truck and school bus duel on a Texas interstate


A semi truck and school bus got into a highway duel on a highway in San Antonio, Texas, recently.

The video was shared by YouTube user SirLags ALot on November 26.

In the dash cam footage, a school bus, seen in the far right lane, swerves in front of a semi truck in the next lane, which in turn causes the semi truck to come close to colliding with a car.

Road Rage

The truck driver appears to retaliate to the close call by swerving into the school bus, forcing it off of the roadway and onto the shoulder before leaving the scene.

The dash cammer then slows his truck down to allow the school bus back onto the road.

The video was shared on Reddit and got varied responses, with some users taking the side of the trucker and others taking the side of the school bus driver.

Take a look at the dash cam footage below, which was recorded on south east 410 in San Antonio.


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