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10 Reasons Why Every Trucker Should Use This App


The CDLLife APP is the fastest growing all-in-one trucker tool.  Here are 10 reasons why drivers love it.

Save Money on Fuel

Everybody likes saving money. In trucking, the single largest expense that most drivers have is fuel.  Why not try keeping your hard earned money in your pocket by saving as much as possible on fuel every week.  Use the CDLLife to plan your trip and to find the cheapest fuel stop en-route. Fuel prices on the CDLLife app updates every morning from over 5,200+ Truck stops nationwide including your favorites like Pilot/Flying J, Loves, TA, Petro and many independent fuel stops.

Find Available Parking

All truckers know that finding available parking is a nightmare.  Shippers and receivers don’t want truckers parking on their lots.  Rest areas fill up quickly at night.  Truck stops are hard to navigate when spaces are limited. If your clock is running out and you need to find parking then use the CDLLife app to locate the nearest parking locations to you and see whether they have open or closed parking. Parking availability is updated in real time by the CDLLife community so be sure to update the parking status of locations whenever you can to help your fellow trucker.

No Annoying Ads

We are not in the name calling business, but we have been on other trip planner apps and we think it is like walking into a casino.  Popups, ads, and banners are all over the place.  The CDLLife app does not load in any annoying ads, interrupts your user exp, or spam you with offers that you don’t care about. Make the switch to CDLLife’s app today for a much better user experience.

Help Planning your Trip

CDLLife spent a lot of time developing our App for the best possible Trip Planning experience. We think we knocked it out of the park and we hope you agree. Using CDLLife’s Trip Planner, truckers will be able to find the quickest route to their destination & get alerted to potential low clearance bridges along their desired route. In addition, drivers will be able to find and add any points of interest along their route. Do you have a load from Kansas City, MO to Chicago, IL and you need to find fuel stops en-route. No problem.  The CDLLife app makes finding fuel stops enroute simple.  See fuel prices, and distance away for each location and then add them to your route with a click of a button.

Exclusive In-App Navigation

After using CDLLife’s Trip Planner drivers are able to utilize CDLLife’s exclusive In-App Navigation.  No more having to use other apps or for you navigation.

Find out if Weight Stations are Opened or Closed

Trying to avoid that Chicken Coop?  We are not encouraging, but the CDLLife app has hundreds of weight stations through out the country.  Open and Closed status is updated by the CDLLife Community and updates in real time so again, be sure to participate on the app and let your fellow trucker know whether a weight station is open or closed.

Save Your Trip History

Truckers log a lot of miles.  Every day is a different city.  Most OTR drivers have been just about every state. Wouldn’t it be cool to see your day over day trip history? Do you want to recall where you were at 3 months ago? Now you can. Any trip that was taken using the Trip Planner feature will be saved in the drivers trip history.  The CDLLife App Trip History allows drivers to see a rolling count of how many trips they have done, where they have been, how many miles each trip was according to GPS data.

Stay Up to Date on All things Trucking Related

Everyone knows what a NewsFeed is, but the CDLLife news feed is the best one because it is 100% trucking related. Stay up to date on all things trucking by continuing to see new stories from CDLLife.

Post/Share Your Own Content

CDLLife is the largest online community for Truckers anywhere on earth. Become engaged with the community by posting your own content or sharing your own news to the community.  All posts are loaded into the CDLLife App’s newsfeed and appear in order of the most engaged content.  If you got something to say then get the message out there.

Earn Sweet Badges for Being an Engaged User

CDLLife loves and engaged user.  Earn badges in the app for being an critical member of the community. We have some funny badges waiting for you and even give away prizes for those that earn certain badges.  See what is waiting for you.

Join the Conversation

We all love leaving comments on other people posts. Since our community is 100% designed for truckers get valuable insight from other drivers in the industry.  Hopefully you wont see comments from your moth

Find Awesome Jobs

The grass is always greener on the other side.  At least in trucking it is. Use our app to find a new gig at trucker companies that you may never have considered working for.

Click here to download the CDLLife APP for free and join 10s of thousands of drivers today.


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