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5 things no one tells you about OTR trucking


There are incredible opportunities available in over the road (OTR) trucking — you get to enjoy independence and the freedom of the road while taking home a healthy paycheck.

But there are a few aspects of OTR trucking that no one teaches you in truck driver school — here’s what you’ll learn out on the road.

  1. It’s just a job, but it’s also a job that will change every aspect of your life. Your sleeping patterns, eating habits, and even the way your communicate with your family will be dramatically changed by OTR trucking. Most drivers learn to adapt and even enjoy most of these changes, but be aware that it’ll be different from a 9 to 5.
  2. It can be incredibly stressful. Truckers have a lot of responsibility and have to meet tight deadlines, all while dealing with uncaring car drivers, weather events, and law enforcement. Most drivers learn to manage this stress well.
  3. You get to see some amazing things. The view from your windshield is often awe-inspiring — and something other people rarely get to see tucked away in their cubicles.
  4. You’ll learn something new every day. Every day that you spend out on the road is different. Many truck drivers report that their favorite thing about their jobs is that they are never bored!
  5. You’ll become part of a community. Drivers know that they have to stick together and stand up for one another. You’ll be surprised by the kindness of your fellow truck drivers when you driver OTR.

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