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5 trucking tips for handling wildlife in the roadway


Meeting a large animal like a deer, moose, cow, or even a bear on the roadway can happen to any trucker.

Here are five tips you need to know to stay safe.

  1. Be extra vigilant at dawn and dusk. Animals like deer are more likely to be active at these times, making you more likely to run into them on the road.
  2. If you see one animal, look for more. Wildlife like deer often travel in groups, so if you spot one, there’s a good chance that there are others in the area.
  3. Pay attention to other drivers. If you see brake lights or notice that another driver has slowed for seemingly no reason, they may have spotted an animal on or near the roadway.
  4. Remember that headlights can confuse animals. Some animals freeze or behave erratically when they are in your truck’s headlights.
  5. Do not swerve. The most important thing to remember if you can’t stop in time to avoid hitting an animal is to maintain your lane. Swerving increases the chances that you’ll hit another vehicle or lose control of your truck.

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