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7 easy truck organization tips that company drivers need to know


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As a company truck driver, your truck is your home — but it is also your workplace.

A well organized truck not only makes it easier to find the things that you need, but it reflects on the pride that you take in your job — and after all, no one wants to be known around the home terminal as the guy or gal with the messy truck.

A tidy truck could even make any roadside encounters that you might have with law enforcement go a little more smoothly.

Truck Organization Ideas For Company Drivers

  1. Invest in clear bins that fit your space. Being able to see inside your storage containers will save you time and make organization easier.
  2. Skip cardboard storage. It might seem like a cheap organization solution, but cardboard boxes break down quickly when they’re exposed to dampness. It pays to invest a little more into something sturdier.
  3. Keep paper towels handy. If you want to keep a tidy truck, it is important to tackle little messes before they get big. Keeping a roll of paper towels within arm’s reach can encourage you to wipe up minor spills and take care of smaller messes before they get out of hand.
  4. Organize “like” things together. It’s easier to keep organized if you keep all of your cleaning supplies, toiletries, cooking supplies, tools, food, etc. grouped together.
  5. Avoid truck stop knickknacks. It may be tempting to stroll the aisles at your local truck stop for something shiny and new — but if you don’t already have it, you might not really need it and your new purchase could become clutter inside your truck.
  6. See how other truckers do it. Thanks to social media, you can hop onto YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest and see how other drivers are making it work in small spaces.
  7. Have a special place for trucking paperwork. A designated box or file folder system to hold your paperwork will cut down on clutter and set your mind at ease, since you’ll know exactly where your important documents are being stored.

Did we miss anything? Share your best organization ideas in the comment section!

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