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A year in review – CDLLife App 2019


Happy New Year! Thank you all for making 2019 a success for the CDLLife App. As many of you know, we launched the app in March of 2019. We’ve come a long way from our beginnings, but we still have a lot of things on the horizon — we can’t wait to show you all of the new things we have in store for 2020. Over the next year, we’re going to be rolling out a lot of fun new features and making improvements to our current offerings. We’re always listening to your feedback and we’re always working to make the app better for you! Thank you for a great 2019 — it’s been a fun ride. Looking forward to spending 2020 with you all!

Just getting started

It is funny to look back to the very beginning of the CDLLife App and see just how far it have come. Our community has become such a great stop for truck drivers and continues to keep growing. This is something that we could not have done without the help of some truly special early users.

From CDLLife, thank you to these above users, and all users who have been with us on this trip from the beginning.

The camaraderie

Every professional driver knows that sometimes the job can get lonely. What makes the CDLLife App special is that it lessens that lonesome feeling. The community and friendships that you the users have built is incredible. In honor of that CDLLife would like to highlight the meetups of 2019!

The CDLLife App is ending the decade on a very friendly and positive note! Here’s to more meet-ups in the next decade!

Helpful hands

The CDLLife App is for professional drivers of all experiences ranging from rookies to retirees. This is an aspect that is so wonderful about CDLLife because it allows the newer drivers to learn more about what it’s like to be on the road, but it also allows the older generations to stay up to date with what’s going on in the CDL world of today. It also allows for engaging conversations and a way to understand something from another drivers point of view. Nevertheless, CDLLife and it’s community has shown nothing less of impactful support when someone is in need.

Those on the CDLLife App are one of a kind when it comes to their generosity as well as their wisdom and appreciation. This community is amazing and has no limit to what it will be able to do heading into 2020!

A few laughs along the way too

The job can get a little tense at times too, so of course the CDLLife App will be able to relieve some tension with some good ole fashion humor. And of course, in 2019 and beyond, memes have accounted for so many of the smiles and laughs.

Best wishes

And of course, our great community always wishes the best for one another. The most common thing you will see on the CDLLife App is everybody wishing each other a safe drive, a good morning, or happy holidays. Continuing that trend is something that all of us on the CDLLife App hope continues through the coming years. Take a look and see for yourself just how wonderful of a community you all are!

Thank you all for being apart of the CDLLife App in 2019, and wish for all to return in 2020 and beyond. The road ahead is bright for our amazing community with new updates on the way, and surely more drivers to connect with. Hurry up and wait because you aren’t going to miss what’s in store. Happy New Year to all!


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