Car driver fires 15 rounds at truck after minor fender bender

A minor rear end collision escalated into multiple shots fired.

I-5 Fife

Washington police say that a motorist has been arrested after opening fire on a truck following a rear end collision.

The incident occurred around 4:30 p.m. on Thursday in Fife, Washington.

Police say that the incident began when the truck rear ended a car on southbound I-5.

After the rear end crash, police say that the car driver opened fire on the truck, shooting 15 rounds. Bullets struck the windshield, hood of the truck, and the driver’s side door.

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The motorist later called 911 to report the incident and was taken into custody.

The truck driver wasn’t hurt and stayed at the scene.

Local news outlet King 5 reports that it isn’t clear what led up to the rear end crash or shooting but that police do believe that the motorist may have been impaired.

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