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Check out this new rival to the Tesla Semi


A California-based startup just debuted an unusual-looking new electric semi truck.

The “Neuron EV TORQ” was recently debuted to the world and creators say that it will fulfill “the needs and expectations of a traditional semi-truck but without the harmful effects of a fossil fuel engine because of Neuron’s battery electric propulsion system.”

From Neuron EV:

The TORQ is built on Neuron’s scalable chassis with interchangeable body components that easily attach and detach, enabling it to adjust functionality and expand cargo capacity. 

The truck’s functional architecture also features an aerodynamic profile that has an integrated sleeper cabin, with a smooth and robust shell for silent operation. 

Other features include a center driver’s seat, a “360° position view through wireless cameras that feed data into the driver’s screen,” and “a modern first-class cabin.” Neruon EV says that the truck was designed to provide drivers with “optimized handling and an engaging driving experience.

The electric Tesla Semi features a similar aerodynamic design and central driver’s seat.

The company shared multiple photos of the prototype truck, highlighting its unusual design.

You can also see a video promoting the TORQ below.


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