Truck gets stuck under 'very low bridge' just days after new signs go up

New bright yellow stripes and a large text warning about a ‘very low bridge’ were not enough to keep a truck driver from trying to maneuver his rig under a 9 foot high bridge this week.

The bridge strike happened on Monday, March 4, in Ely, Cambridgeshire, in England, according to the Peterborough Telegraph.

Authorities say that the truck driver tried to pass under the Stuntney Bridge in spite of the brightly colored warning signs and became wedged at a 45 degree angle under the structure. The truck also lost a large portion of its roof during the bridge strike.

Stuck Truck

The bridge strike happened just a few days after the often-hit Stuntney Bridge was decked out with new eye-catching warning signs to try to keep truck drivers away.

Stuck Truck

No injuries were reported.

Local police say that the truck driver will be prosecuted.

Authorities say that the bridge has been hit by at least 120 trucks since 2009. A spokesperson for the Network Rail told truck drivers that “drivers need to know the height of their vehicle, not guess. In short: Wise up, size up.”

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