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Close call: Semi stops on a dime in order to avoid pickup that U-turned on highway


A semi truck driver displayed remarkable attentiveness and skill in avoiding a pickup truck driver who picked the worst possible time and place to make a U-turn.

The intense dash cam footage was captured in Ontario, Canada, on January 15, 2019.

The dash cammer writes:

This pickup truck decided a good place to do a u-turn was in front of a fully loaded 140,000lb semi going downhill. Once I realized what was happening, I had the brake pedal on the floor to try and stop in time. Brake fade was inevitable and I could feel the brakes going away the closer I got to him. I was absolutely expecting a collision but was spared by literal inches.

Instead of thanking the truck driver for saving his life, the pickup driver speeds away from the startling near-miss.

You can view the dash cam video clip below.


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