Truck manufacturer calls their new model a ‘cash machine’ for truck drivers

If the Big Lebowski was a truck driver...

Volvo Cash Machine

A new commercial for Volvo Trucks asks truckers to imagine what a life of luxury on the road could be like.

The commercial spot is called “The Cash Machine — featuring Bob” and it is designed to highlight the new Volvo VNL Turbo Compound.

Volvo promises that the new truck will offer drivers fuel savings of up to 11% — which they say will make drivers feel like a “rich man” due to the extra cash left over in their pockets.

The commercial features a “Big Lebowski”-esque truck driver in an eye-popping gold Volvo enjoying first class treatment at the diner, dazzling his fellow drivers with his gold tooth, and triumphing at the bowling alley.

You can view the commercial below.