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Group works to connect ‘trucks with room to spare’ to disaster victims


A small online group is looking for help from truckers with a little extra room in their trailers to bring disaster victims the relief supplies that they need.

The non profit group “Trucks With Room To Spare” works to pair trucks with available trailer space to groups who are sending relief supplies to disaster victims.

The group was formed after Hurricane Michael devastated the Florida panhandle in 2018 when a small number of truckers came together to try to help the disaster victims get the supplies that they need “one pallet at a time” by using the extra space in their trailers.

Right now, “Trucks With Room To Spare” is focusing their efforts on helping those affected by devastating flooding in the midwest.

Organizer and truck driver Shelli Conaway told CDLLife “it doesn’t matter if they can just take one pallet or a full load. Some of these people have nothing, and one pallet of water is better than none. This time it’s the midwest, but the next disaster could be in their town. And hopefully drivers will pull together for it and be the important part of America that we have always been.”

Conaway says that she’s looking for any kind of help from truckers willing to donate trailer space, but that drivers who are able to transport hay are especially needed right now. She also says that she hopes to one day connect to larger carriers with more resources to help with relief efforts.

If you’d like to donate trailer space to the “Trucks With Room To Spare” relief efforts, you can start by visiting their website or following their Facebook page.


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