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Here are some winter gear ideas for flatbedders


Flatbedding in the winter offers a unique set of challenges to drivers — so we’ve rounded up some gear to make your winter a little more bearable.

Flatbedders tend to spend more time out of the truck with tarps and chains, so good winter weather gear is a must.

Most flatbed drivers already have the basics in terms of winter gear, but here are a few items you may not already have in your arsenal to help you get through until spring!

Flatbedder Winter Gear

  1. Neck Gaiter — These are cheap and a great way to keep your face and neck warm during brutal winter weather.
  2. Rubber gloves — Put these on before you put on your regular gloves and keep your hands from getting wet when you’re dealing with a wet load.
  3. Multiple pairs of gloves — Many flatbedders keep three or more pairs of gloves on hand so that you always have at least one pair that is dry and ready to go.
  4. Base layers like long johns or Underarmor shirts — An extra layer under your Carharts can make a big difference when the temperatures drop.
  5. Handwarmers — They don’t take up much space and they can last for hours — a great item to have on hand in the winter.

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