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Here’s what truckers say they love about their jobs


Trucking can be really challenging some days — but other days, you have to admit that it’s actually kind of awesome.

No cubicle. No office. No boss watching over your shoulder. The sunsets. The money.

We asked drivers on our Facebook page to list three things they like/love the most about their jobs. Here’s what they had to say.

Dan Hallowell III-

1) The view from my office window changes continuously and drastically.
2) The people I meet and the history I am privileged to see across our beautiful country. In my opinion, I am on permanent, paid vacation!
3) Plenty of time for quiet, contemplative reflection.

Michelle Carpenter-

The sunrises only truckers get to see, people staring because GIRL is driving that big truck, and the look of panic when you button hook across the nose of a car.

Billy Hodge-

-2 steps from bed to office.
-Office view changes every few seconds and I can see more things in 3 days than some will see in their lifetime
-No boss hovering over my shoulder.

Jared Boertien-

1) The people I meet at truck stops.
2) The feeling that without me and people like me behind the wheel, no one would get their goods! “If you bought it, a truck brought it!”
3) Knowing that my 2nd grade teacher told me that no one would pay me to look out a window and I’m proving her wrong with every mile!

Rick Tippie-

Honestly, the solitude, the scenery, the pay.

Roxann Southerngrace-

Sight, freedom, and sunsets.

‘Will Toca-

Travel, my woman is with me, and they pay me for this.

John Tranquillo-

The fact that I choose my salary– it’s truly based on my determination– also my office view, and I’m not governed at 62.

Bill Traub-

My teacher said that I would never get a job looking out the window. He was wrong.
Working autonomously.

Chris Ramjattan-

People I meet , places I see , and seeing the sun rise and sun set through my windshield.

Diamond Trucking-

The view, the ride, and thousands of places to go!

Donny Damaged Goods Simpson-

Nice paycheck
Time off
Honest dispatcher

Stacy Albers-

Our marriage, our home, our dogs (trucking provided all of that,I met my husband on the road, the bonus check for getting our hazmat license provided our down payment on a house and our first puppy was found in a truckstop in Atlanta)! I am thankful for trucking!

Michael West-

1) No meetings.
2) Entertainment around my truck that civilians have to pay to watch…
3) See #1.

Chris N Carol Barrett-

Being with my husband, seeing the country, meeting new people.

Laurel Bakos-McCandlish-

The open road, meeting new friends, and quality time with my husband/team mate & dogs.

Michael Ricciotti-

Quitting time payday and vacation.

Kimberly Bruce

Good pay.
Get to travel all over.
No boss looking over my shoulder.

Rob Peterson-

Having kids give me the arm pump, and getting complimented at the stops.

Karl A Barton-

1.)Payed 2.) Road 3.) Trip.

Edward Hornacek-

$ paid vacation+freedom.

Moses Negrete-

My 180 scenic view, the open road, and my air condition office.

Steve Lazybones Strange-

The open road. Setting my own clock being my own boss. And the looks I get from kids and adults when I’m loaded. Oh, and the open road. Did I say that already?

Matt Whitelaw-

Taking as much time off as I need to, and nobody telling me what to do or where to go.

Keith Becker-

No boss.
Freedom of the open road.
The quiet solitude away from everybody.

Jasen Len S-

Travel, paycheck & my own mobile office. Lol.

Anthony Jannuzzi-

Talking with the older generation of drivers and hearing the stories, the adventure of running over size, and the challenge of living life as a driver.

Michael Norwood-

Seeing new and different places, being able to take care of my family, and meeting cool people.

Robbie Jones-

The view keeps changing.
Can shop for all kinds of different foods depending where you are.
Get to go to a lot more races and stuff like that.
Freedom to work when I want and where I want. No northeast and no California.

Juan Huerta-

Independence of owning my truck, money and the company I leased my truck to. Yes, I do love my job!!


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