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Historic ‘super load’ begins four day journey


Authorities in Alberta say that a gigantic industrial tower which is the “heaviest load ever” to travel on their roadways is currently on the move to a new location thanks to a group of heavy haul experts.

On Sunday, January 6, at 9 p.m., a massive propylene-propane splitter started its four day trip from Edmonton to Industrial Heartland, north of Fort Saskatchewan.

Authorities say that in the super load’s longest configuration, the load including all of the trucks is 587 feet long, 31 feet wide, and 42 feet high and weighs more than 900 U.S. tons. A press release from the Alberta government calls this the “heaviest load ever to travel on Alberta’s highway network” and points out that it is “heavier than Caterpillar’s largest mining truck which is used in the oilsands and six times as large.”

Global News CA reports that there are a total of 912 tires on the trucks and trailer hauling the super load.

The move is being orchestrated by heavy haul specialists at Mammoet.

The propylene-propane splitter will be used to convert propane into plastic, which can then be turned into household goods.

Authorities warn that the super load will be taking up both lanes of the highway and will be traveling well below the posted speed limit, so drivers in the area should expect delays.

The truck is scheduled to reach its final destination on January 9.

You can see the massive super load making a turn in the video below

Posted by Angela Hawco on Sunday, January 6, 2019


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