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Nearly 500 pound gator survived getting hit by a semi truck


A massive alligator survived being hit by a semi truck on a Florida highway earlier this month.

The 12 foot long, 463 pound alligator was struck by (a probably very surprised) semi truck driver on June 3 as the creature was crossing I-10 in northern Florida, according to local news station WTXL.

Remarkably, the alligator survived the collision, but it was injured.

Just another nuisance alligator call, it’s going to be a busy week.

Posted by Vaughan Gators, LLC on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Broderick Vaughan of Vaughan Gators, LLC was skeptical when he was called to the scene. He wrote in a Facebook post;

“Recieved a call tonight about an alligator on the exit ramp to Monroe Street. I think to myself “yeah, right! It’s probably some tire tread from a semi.” I send my buddies to check the “iguana” and advise. They get on scene and locate the “swamp lizard”. He wasn’t dead either!! Meet the late Nascar Allie Gator
463 pounds – 12 ft. 1 inch”

Vaughan was able to corral the wounded animal.

Vaughan said it was one of the biggest alligators that he had ever encountered.

Unfortunately, due to the animal’s injuries and state law forbidding the release of nuisance alligators longer than 4 feet, the alligator was later euthanized.

Kelby helping me unload a early morning nuisance alligator. She couldn't pass up a photo op.

Posted by Vaughan Gators, LLC on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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