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New bill would expand ‘stand your ground’ gun rights


A Tennessee lawmaker recently introduced new “stand your ground” legislation that would strengthen protections for those who use deadly force to defend themselves from civil or criminal prosecution.

Republican Representative Bruce Griffey introduced HB409 in the Tennessee General Assembly on Thursday, January 31.

The new legislation would work to strengthen existing self-defense immunity laws in the state of Tennessee. If passed, the bill could give truck drivers more authority to defend themselves from threats while operating in Tennessee.

The bill would expand protections for anyone who justifiably uses — or threatens to use — force to defend themselves from facing any type of criminal prosecution under local, state, or federal law in the state of Tennessee. The bill would specifically protect the person who used force in self defense from arrest, detainment, charging, or indictment by law enforcement.

The bill’s protections do not apply to the use of deadly force against law enforcement officers, however.

The bill would also protect anyone who uses force in self defense from civil prosecution in most instances.

A similar bill failed to pass through the Tennessee legislature in 2017, according to the Tennessean.

If the bill passes, Tennessee would join the ranks of dozens of other states that already have firm “stand your ground” laws on the books.


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