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The ‘Freightliner new Cascadia’ can steer, accelerate, and brake without any help from you


This week Daimler debuted North America’s first “Level 2” automated truck in Las Vegas.

The semi-automated model year 2020 Freightliner new Cascadia made its debut on Monday, January 7, at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Daimler says that the new Cascadia is the “first SAE Level 2 automated truck in series production in North America.” Level 2 automation means that the truck is capable of steering itself as well as accelerating and decelerating at any speed range without assistance from a human driver. The 2020 Cascadia’s Level 2 automated features are designed to support a fully engaged human driver, not to replace him or her. 

The 2020 Cascadia will feature proprietary automated technology including active lane assist, adaptive cruise control, active brake assist, and side guard assist.


Daimler says that the semi-automated features will enhance highway safety and make driving easier:

According to NHTSA, ninety-four percent of crashes are attributable to human error. Automating acceleration, deceleration, and steering reduces the chance for human error, mitigates collisions, and can potentially save lives. These technologies can also enhance the driver experience by making the truck-driving task easier, thereby improving driver comfort and well-being.

Daimler also promises increased fuel efficiency of 35% over the first Freightliner Cascadia that debuted in 2007.

The 2020 Cascadia is set to go into production in July 2019.

Daimler has invested nearly $600 million in automated truck technology and says that their goal is to to put SAE Level 4 — highly automated trucks that won’t need drivers — on the road within the next decade.

You can take a quick peek at the Freightliner new Cascadia in the video below.


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