Penske truck winds up on top of house in bizarre crash caught on dash cam

...You don't see that every day.


A motorist’s dash cam just happened to be rolling the moment that a Penske truck struck a utility pole and crashed on top of a house.

The incident happened on Monday, September 9, in Sudbury, Ontario.

According to a Tuesday morning tweet from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), the commercial vehicle truck a utility pole along Highway 64, causing the back end of the truck to flip up into the air and land on the house.

In the dash cam clip, you can see the shaken-up driver escape from the truck moments after the crash. OPP says that no injuries were reported.

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The Penske truck driver was cited with careless driving, according to police.

Facebook user Sharon Gauthier shared dash cam video of the unusual single vehicle crash, which you can view below.

GOSH …. Denis witnessed this on his way home from work today. Caught on dashcam.

Posted by Sharon Gauthier on Monday, September 9, 2019